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Domaine de Rochevine
Cave de Saint Desirat
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It was on the 15th of May 1960, in Andance that the first General Assembly of the Cave Coopérative de Saint Désirat took place, constituted of 137 people, the Cave first declared a total capacity of 8326 hL. The idea was to allow small producers to pull their ressources together and learn from one another in order to create and distribute a better wine., while still respecting each vignerons' input and traditions. In 1969, a decree extends the Saint Joseph appellation area to an extra 600 ha, some of which belonged to the Cave and the following year, they harvested 331 hL. Over 30 years later, after the merger with their counterpart in Sarras, the Cave de Saint Désirat accounts for half of the total production of Saint Joseph.

Cave de Saint Désirat

Cellar Cave

Today, they keep innovating in the field of environmentally friendly wines, developing organic cuvées such as the Cuvée Mémoire, and maintaining a well balanced biodiveristy, with partnerships with Natural Space Conservatory of the region, to research the vines and exploit their full potential, creating vines with controlled grass growth and more vegetation to let nature do its work. All the while not forgetting their traditional cuvées, such as their great Septentrio, rich in aromas and very impactful.

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