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In 1929, Paul Emile Dupont buys a piece of vineyard in Avize, to plant the local specialty, Chardonnay. In 1934, his first (of many) batch is released on the market, under the name Paul Emile Dupont, until his daughter, Liliane and her husband Michel Bouquin, take over the operation, buying more vineyard and establish themselves, as is known today as Champagne Bouquin Dupont.

Champagne Bouquin Dupont

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In 1986, their son, Dominique bought a few parcels as well, that complete what is the current Bouquin Dupont estate, 1.6 hectares, all in the prestigious terroir of Grand Cru Chardonnay form the Côtes des Blancs. Today, Liliane and Michel are still part of the operations, but it is Dominique who runs the domain, making sure that the family traditions aren't lost into the past, all the while, making sure that the Champagne they produce remains up to date with their customers' and their own tastes.

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