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Built on the work of many generations, Champagne Verrier & Fils has become a pillar of its community. The house was first established in 1929 by Raymond Verrier (picture below) with the vines planted by his grandfather, Eugene Verrier, in 1860. Through the years, generations developed the vineyard into what it is today, acquiring land on some of the best terroir and making the production of Champagne normal in the region. Indeed, Champagne Verrier was the first producer in the village of Etoges, as most winegrowers would sell their grapes to other houses. Today, it is represented by Emmanuel Verrier, with 5 hectares spread into 35 parcels such that 50%  are Pinot Meunier, 35% Chardonnay and 15% Pinot Noir, being worked in Haute Valeur Environnementale (High Environmental Value).

Champagne Verrier & Fils

Haute Valeur Environmentale

Since 1992, Emmanuel pays hommage to his ancestors by keeping their philosophy of listening to their customers and adapting to their needs, while maintaining quality. Until 2009, he would work with his father, Francis Verrier, and once he had learned the essence of the job and his father felt ready to retire, he took over, helped by his wife Laurence. They honour their history by keeping traditional cuvées, such as the Fleuron which was the flagship of his father and mother in 1985, or the Raymond Verrier, in honour of the founder who won gold medal at the Epernay wine exposition in 1936. Of course, he also evolves with his time, adapting to current climatic conditions, in order to make a wine that's close to nature.  

Verrier & Fils

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