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Château de Charodon

The Château de Charodon is an historically loaded place in the Côtes de Beaune. We find traces of it in writings, dating back to 1710, when the Duchess of Charost, donated that land and took the name of Charost-don, then Charaudon to how it is know today, Charodon. That land was constituted of 225 parcels of vines, multiples buildings and the Château, from the 16th and 17th centuries. In 1737, the land was bought by Jean-Baptiste Lardot and since then, the estate has been involved in the production of wine, up until 1884, when the phylloxera crisis hit Bourgogne. Today, Louis and Pierre Vallet, two brothers and direct descendant of the Lardot family, 

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Louis worked in Chilean Pinot Noir vineyards, to learn various techniques from skilled winemaker in the New World, while his brother Pierre worked in their other family estate in Gevrey-Chambertin. Together with their combined knowledge, they produce from their own, and rented, vineyards to make beautiful sustainable wines that respect the past and traditions, while innovating and looking towards the future. Through meticulous hard work, their wines fully reflect the character of the Burgundy terroir and the winemakers personal touch.

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