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Bourgogne vineyard
Bourgogne vineyard
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Domaine Albert Joly

The Joly family is one of oldest in Puligny-Montrachet, the name can be found as far as 1531 in the baptism registry of the village, and then the wine exploitation in 1741. The 7th generation, Albert, retired at the age of 86, after a career where he mostly took care of his vineyard and sold his grape to be vinified as his passion was the vineyard. In 2007, he lets his 3 children takeover the domain, but it is Sylvie Prévot-Joly who runs the place, in a sustainable way.

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The land, the soil, the vine, these are the key components to making a good wine, so the Joly family really promotes the good care of its vineyard, in a sustainable way, with regular plowing, no use of chemical weedkiller, all done by hand and manual picking, to protect the grape as much as possible. With these ideals, Sylvie has been able, time and time again, to produce refined and worthy of the name Puligny-Montrachet wines.

The wines

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