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In the 1920, Benoit Besson arrives in Lancié, in Beaujolais, to work his brother's vineyard. He is a precursor in the region, as, in 1930, he starts planting Chardonnay to make white Beaujolais on this hill called Chatelard. Now, the particularity of this hill, is that it does not possess the typical Beaujolais soil, but it has a clay limestones soil that is the particularity of Bourgogne soil, its secret to make the world's best Chardonnay. Thanks to him, we can now find white Beaujolais, made from Chardonnay, but few can rival that from the Besson family, as they have decades of honing their craft and particularly old Chardonnay vines, for the region.

Domaine du Penlois


Since 1977, Maxence Besson, grandchild of Benoit, is running the domain, adapting to the arrivals of Crus in the region, the domain made them part of their lineup, from Morgon in the 1980's, to the last arrival, Chenas in 2008. Today, the domain is being run by both Maxence and his son Sébastien, the 4th generation of the family. Together, they strive to produce great Gamay, like the Harmony cuvée, only made from the best vintages (currently on 2015) and adapting to the vintage's specificities, in order to bring to Beaujolais, the respect it deserves.

The wines

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