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Saint Joseph Tolondière in vineyard at Domaine Louis Chomel
Cork on vine Domaine Louis Chomel
Viognier IGP in vineyard at Domaine Louis Chomel
Domaine Louis Chomel Logo

At the beginning of the 20th century, Louis Chomel plants his first vines in his, then, small domain. In 1965, his son also named Louis and his wife Marie-Thérèse, take over, also add vines and 20 years later are joined in their activity by their son, Xavier and 10 years after that by his brother, Laurent. It is then that the couple retires and leaves the family activity to their sons who develop it further so that in 2014, Laurent’s son, Samuel joins them and together create the Domaine Louis Chomel. Today, the domain counts 20 hectares, a majority in Saint Joseph and follows the family values of producing quality wine while respecting nature and tradition. 

Domaine Louis Chomel

Louis Chomel
Samuel Chomel Domaine Louis Chomel
Vigneron indépendant logo

From Louis to Samuel, it has always been important to innovate, to dare do something that others don't. This curiosity has lead the domain to incredible wines, from the Viognier IGP, Myla (named after Samuel's daughter) with its fruity and flowery aromas; to the Saint Joseph Dame de Coeur, with its complexity, its intensity and its overall beauty. As vignerons indépendant, they are able to do so, as they produce their own grapes, they have total control over the final product's quality.

The wines

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