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Bourgogne vines
Cellar Domaine Regis Rossignol
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Domaine Regis Rossignol

Domaine Régis Rossignol

In 1966, after working for 16 years with his parents, winemakers for generations in Volnay, Régis Rossignol decides to start his own activity, along with his spouse. Through the years he developed a certain expertise when it comes to vine working, as they believe that 70% of the work required to make a great wine, comes in the vineyard. For over 20 years, his daughter, Aleth runs the domain, with the help of her husband, who makes sure to bring Régis' vision in the vines.

Ouillage Regis Rossignol
Aleth Rossignol
Gold medal Feminalise

The philosophy of this domain is one of tradition, of respect for the land and what it brings them. Régis has over 70 years of experience working in the vines and makes sure this experience is put to good use, sharing it with his family, who still follow some of his old traditions, concrete vat for vinifications, 13 months oak barrel breeding, 3 year cellar ageing before being put out for purchase. And with those, you get a good old traditional Pinot Noir, as can be rarely found this days.