• -Champagne Tanneux Mahy Cuvée Fût de Chêne
    • This beautiful wine has an elegant nose, with vanilla, spices and oaky hints. Very long mouthfeel, supple, and almost creamy, it is very complex. You will find notes of toasted brioche and subtle oaky hints. Incredible evolution, as the first sip is very different from the last one.

  • -Champagne Rédempteur Rosé de Saignée - Cuvée des Almanachs

    • The Rosé des Almanachs wears a birght, luminous, rasberry robe, with deep pink reflections in your flute, with fine bubble but intense effervescence. A very fruity and elegant nose, with red berry aromas, more specifically strawberry, candied cherry or even blackcurrant, with a hint of a rose biscuit; to then evolve into a crispier smell, white fruits such as peaches, or even clememtine and blood orange. The mouthfeel is supple and fresh, with a creamy and elegant effervescence, it gives way to more red berry notes, with candied cherries, and a hint of eucalyptus. This is a very complex and generous wine, ideal for romantic settings.

  • -Puligny-Montrachet Les Tremblots 2018 Domaine Albert Joly
    • This wine wears an elegant deep yellow robe with golden reflections, that lets us imagine its powerful, yet subtle character. The nose releases hints of lemon zest acidity and peachy freshness, which can be found again on the palate, along with some apricots, apple and even grilled almond notes. It is well balanced on the fruit and acidity spectrum, even showing reasonable fatty characteristics, while remaining fresh, the beauty that would be expected in a Grand Cru. This Village is a worthy challenger of any of Bougogne’s finest!
  • -Condrieu 2018 Domaine Boissonnet
    • It is a Condrieu on the fruits but a rather fleshy side thanks to the oak barrels of which 10% are new. This wine has a pleasant golden color, with yellow reflections, it truly is meant for fine dining, with charm and substance. The Viognier grape variety is fully expressed in its favorite territory is the Condrieu, it has a fine nose. It will surprise you with its richness and minerality. His amplitude of fruit aromas such as white peaches or apricots will develop into notes of honey and almonds after a few years...
  • -Volnay 2017 Domaine Régis Rossignol

    • This Volnay expresses its full terroir thanks to low oak treatment and concrete vat vinification. While it displays a deep red robe and the nose lets red berries and violet notes, in time, this wine will be less on the fruit, but more onto underwood, almost truffle like notes. With age it really develops into an ample and generous wine, with very pleasant and long-lasting mouthfeel. Very complex and shows such an interesting evolution in your glass, from soft typical Pinot Noir, to forest, savory and almost animal like scents. A wonder of a Village.

  • -Saint Joseph Dame De Coeur 2019 Domaine Louis Chomel

    • Its ruby robe gives way to a very round and long mouth-feel of intense aromas, starting with notes of berries, turning to an oaky hint, to then end on very subtle notes of spices. Its nose is very generous, oscillating between hints of blackcurrant and cinnamon, overall a marvel of complexity.