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Terms and Conditions

These terms are effective as of11 September 2021 and was last updated on 11 September 2021.


Marketing and Social Media content


All the content on social media is targeted at people over the age of 18. All marketing campaign are targeted at people over the age of 18. All products sold on this website and by the company in general are meant for people over the age of 18. All pictures and videos on this website have been acquired in agreements with the rightful proprietor of these medias, or have been taken by us, and we reserve full rights on them. Therefore, under copyrights law, it is forbidden to make use of any of the content on this website, for personal and/or professional gain, without explicit written consent.




Any person who wishes to order can go through the websites and will receive an order confirmation, to let them know of the reception of said order. The confirmation email will be sent with an order number, the summary of the order as well as the contact information and address of the customer. If you have chosen Paypal as a payment method, then the order will be fully processed. If you choose for manual payment (until the issues are resolved) you will be communicated a payments link, though which you will be able to pay via credit card or iDeal. Once the payments throught the payments link is received, your order will be processed. For further questions, contact us at




Deliveries will be undertaken by us personally, until further notice and will be executed according to the date given at the top bar on the website. Know that this is not the date on which you will receive your order, the date at which deliveries will start, hence it can be later. Once we establish a delivery schedule, you will be contacted by email with the date and time of your delivery. Know that this date and time will be respected as long as no outstanding issue (transport breakdown, damaged goods, etc.) occur. It is in our highest priority that this data and time will be kept. For further questions, contact us at


Price and Discounts


All prices displayed on our website have been established by us and we remain the right to change them, due to factor out of our control (supplier’s price increase, exercise duty increase, etc.). Once an order has been confirmed, the purchased products will however always be charged, whatever amount was displayed at the time of the order and in the confirmation email summary. Under Dutch Law, all discount practiced or that will be practiced will remain under 25%. If you desire to place an order of over 120 bottles, contact us directly. For further questions, contact us at


Return Policy


Within 30 days after reception of your order, you can contact us to ask for a return or a change of product. The packaging in which the order was sent needs to remain intact and all cost of return would befall on you. If however, you have a problem with the product, whether it is with the quality of the product or transportation problem, send us visual proof of the issue, or keep the bottle and the cork as is for a free replacement. For further questions, contact us at




If you need an invoice, contact us with you order number or the order summary and date, along with proof of payment. For further questions, contact us at


We reserve the right to modify these terms and the right not to accept an order under any condition that is our own to know. For further questions about our Terms and Conditions, contact us at


Contact Us


For any questions or concerns regarding your privacy, you may contact us using the following details:



Ad Libitum Vins

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