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Champapgne Rédempteur
Champagne vines
Champapgne Rédempteur

An historically loaded but yet modern domain , Champagne du Rédempteur has always known how to keep with its time. Currently in its transition between the 4th and the 5th generations, it knows how walk the line between modern innovation and traditional values. And they are spoiling you with amazing cuvées, such as their Blanc de Blancs, a symbol of finesse, freshness and charm, or even with their rosé Les Almanachs, a vibrant, elegant and original Rosé de Saignée; whether its Claudy's artistic expression or her sons' thrive to continuously innovate and make great wines that people have never experienced, you will always feel a character to their wines.

Champagne du Rédempteur

Champapgne Rédempteur
Edmond Dubois
Claudy Dubois
Haute Valeur Environmentale
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Now, a bit about their fascinating history. In 1911, the founder of the domain, Edmond Dubois  was nicknamed “Le Rédempteur"(The Redeemer) of Champagne by his fellow winegrowers. At the start of the 20th century, the economic situation of Champagne winegrowers was difficult:

• The vineyard has been ravaged by a disease which destroys the vines: phylloxera.

• The 1910 harvest was catastrophic.

However, at this time, the most terrible thing to face is the lack of regulation! No law, no "Appellation contrôlée" exists to protect wines from Champagne. To prevent other wines from taking the name of Champagne, the Champagne winegrowers are revolting. During these events of 1911, Edmond DUBOIS defended the profession and the Champenoise tradition, it is thanks to this that his entourage nicknamed him "Le Rédempteur". Then comes the First World War; in 1918, Venteuil, is completely destroyed. These events will delay the passage of the regulated law in 1927, which since then strictly protects the Wine of Champagne, still to this day.

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