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Bottles overlooking Vallée de la Marne Champagne Tanneux Mahy
Cellar at Champagne Tanneux Mahy
Oak barrels Champagne Tanneux Mahy
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Christophe Tanneux, along with his wife, took over the family activity, as is tradition for four generations over 10 years ago now. Four generations of winemakers, each bringing innovation when their turn came, but always following a valuable rule: never sacrifice quality for convenience. Christophe contributed by expanding the underground storage space, he created new cuvées and always tries out new method to develop a continuously improving environmentally friendly production.

Champagne Tanneux Mahy

Maurice Tanneux Champagne Tanneux Mahy
Katie et Christophe Tanneux
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Champagne Tanneux Mahy is also of the few Champagne vignerons following the Haute Valeur Environmental (High Environmentally-friendly Values) guidelines, which promote the protection of the biodiversity of the vineyards. As Christophe so elegantly puts it: "The grape makes a wine what it is and the soil makes a grape what it is, so by taking care of your soil, you take care of your grape and your wine." And we can see he doesn't sacrifice quality undoing so, as the successful expriment, which they are spoiling us with, the amazing Cuvée Fût de Chêne shows. Vinified inside the oak barrel that will later be reused for the ageing process, this wine is an absolute beauty of aromas and complexity, a Champagne meant for Gastronomie

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